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Our best advert is what our customers have to say about our service.
"Survey Results from a satisfied customer.

How do you rate your experience when ordering via our new website? 5

How do you rate our customer service if you called us to order your product? 5

How do you rate your product? 5

How do you rate your overall experience? 5

Staff name -

I purchased a metered digital water softener ECO15ULTRA from your site back in the summer and after a little research and having to replace my old one, I took the plunge and spent slightly more than I wanted, but I'm happy to say it was well worth it. Money well spent having had purchased cheaper ones in the past.The ECO15ULTRA is well capable of supplying nice soft water all year round. I am a plumber and I will recommend your softener.
Thank You Wrekin for your service.
" ...
Timothy C

"Survey Results from a satisfied Customer

How do you rate your experience when ordering via our new website? 5

How do you rate our customer service if you called us to order your product? N/A

How do you rate your product? 5

How do you rate your overall experience? 5

Staff name - no phone calls but emailed and communicated with Paul

Very happy with service provided. Contacted Wrekin with some queries with relation to a faulty softener. Questions were answered to my satisfaction and advice was extremely helpful. Ordered part which arrived promptly and on time. I was able to successfully repair my unit. Would not hesitate to highly recommend this company. Thank you very much.
" ...
Jonathan W

"Hi Paul,
I fitted the replacement valve cover this afternoon as we discussed now some weeks back, and it all went very well. I have been away for a week visiting my son, and hence the delay. The part was waiting when I got back last night.

The notes that you sent were VERY helpful, as I had inadvertently managed to bend the two contacts when refitting the valve gear wheel, and had the joy of seeing ERR1 come up. I managed to straighten the lower contact without snapping it off, and then all went well, including a manual regeneration (we had already experienced the hardening water). No sign of any leaks as yet, and hopefully they will not show.

I am extremely grateful to you for your excellent service, which went way beyond what anyone could expect. It is satisfying to repair a piece of equipment these days, rather than just replace it - and that is about much more than the cost involved. I would like to repay you if I can, so please let me know what is the best way I can l write up a suitable review of Wrekin Water.

I will also be writing my thanks to Simon at Sterling Softeners in Amersham, who was also very helpful in first ‘connecting’ me to you.

Thank you again,
" ...
Stuart - BWT Water Softener

"How do you rate your experience when ordering via our new website? 5

How do you rate our customer service if you called us to order your product? N/A

How do you rate your product? 5

How do you rate your overall experience? 5

Staff name -


Having received exactly what I ordered, well wrapped and in just two days, I will be making Wrekin Water Filtration Ltd my first port of call in the future.
" ...
Andrew - Customer Survey Results

"I cannot thank you enough, for your kind help and patience over the last few weeks helping me resolve the issues i was having with my water softener. I am amazing and delighted by your encyclopaedic knowledge of an obscure 20+ year old softener, which I believe the manufacturer probably made only around 1000 units at the time.

The customer service afforded by Emma, Janette and Gemma was simply THE BEST.

Thank you so much.

Best Regards
Graham T" ...
Graham T

"Morning Paul,

The softener is back in business, there is a wire mesh filter where the outlet tube connects to the 5600 unit.

This was clogged with resin that had escaped via the damaged riser tube.

The resin had not been replaced in years if ever and I cleared out all the salt deposits, so it looks like new.

Thanks for your help it was good luck for me that I came across your website.


David S
" ...
David S

""Nice quick delivery. Great thanks."

"Just what it says on the packet, @ a more affordable price- Thank You! A+++++"

"Absolutely great service, good to do business with."

"Excellent Product. Quick delivery. Top eBayer!!"

"Very very quick posting thanks."

"Great product Absolutely a pleasure to deal with, 5 star ebayer"" ...
A few from eBay

"I have purchase this softener, about 3years ago, not realising what a wonderful impact on our life. We have 3 bathrooms and a lot softer water on the body for when taking a shower, and virtually no cleaning on the shower glass screen, not to mention a longer life on all equipment around the house, from the washing machine, dishwasher etc... wonder why people do not fit one on every new house!
Sadly due to a power cut lasting several hours, the machine stopped working, we contacted the company. We received help within minutes, received the simple manual, got someone on the phone to guide us to restart the machine, this level of service is no longer available in modern life as sadly every where else we are put on endless machine menu, press 1 etc...
All I can say is I highly recommend to contact Madame Emma or Monsieur Paul for any questions, they certainly know their softener, well done, and a big thank you!
Mr John N from Isle of Wight
" ...
Mr John N from Isle of Wight

"Dear Paul
I can’t thank you enough for your patience and clear guidance in helping me sort out the problem. My wife and I agree that regrettably there are too few suppliers prepared to provide the service you have given us.

Long distance, telephone, iPhone pics and video! Where would be….!!!

Without hesitation, I will be recommending Wrekin Water and, if it helps, please feel free to use my email in support of your ‘customer satisfaction’.

My only regret? I didn’t call you sooner!

Have a great summer!

Best wishes.

Glen Miller
" ...
Glen Miller

"Just a note to thank you all for getting a new water softener to me in record time especially a big thank you to Paul for calling me back whilst on leave, all fitted commissioned and working perfectly.
Thanks once again
" ...

""Great item and service, many thanks."

"Excellent service!"

"Perfect thanks"

"Great Seller!"

A few from eBay

"Dear Paul & Emma

I would just like to thank you for the excellent service regarding my water softener. As I mentioned to Paul my local company quoted a price for supply and fit which was about double your price and they also warned me that if I was to buy off the internet I could be in trouble if there were any issues with the unit. As a result I researched thoroughly before selecting your company as supplier and as things turned out I made an excellent choice. With the unit almost certainly receiving some subtle damage in transit, it turned out that I did need to test the after sales service and I was delighted with your response in sorting out the problem. No need for any difficult and complex returns procedure, Paul travelled down to fix the problem on site and left me confident that I now have a properly functioning and reliable softener which should serve me well for many years. Your email and phone communication was prompt and helpful and of course once obvious checks could not sort out the issue, you honoured the warranty and sorted the problem within a couple of days. Please do feel free to post my mail as a testimonial on your site and again thanks for the excellent service.

Best Regards
" ...


Just to let you know the water softener arrived this morning about 0815. Thank you for your advice and very professional service. It is so nice to deal with a company that does what it says without any problems.

" ...
Derek S

"Good Afternoon Paul

Further to my brief conversation with Emma this morning, I write merely to let you know how pleased I am with the water softener you supplied to me some months ago.

It has proved to be an excellent product and, unlike the dreadful twin machine we had before, has caused us no problems at all.

Your service has also been excellent and I thank you for supplying, without request, the resin refresher recently free of charge as part of your service.

I will have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending yout firm to any of my friends and clients in need of the services you supply and it is perfectly in order if you wish to place this review on your website.

All the very best and wishing all at Wrekin Water a healthy and rewarding year.

With best regards

Paul Harfitt

" ...
Paul Harfitt - ECO15ULTRA High Capacity Water Softener

"Hi Paul & team.
I would just like to say a huge thank you for the excellent service I received such fast delivery of the service parts and also the quick and helpful replies after asking a few questions.
In my experience of dealing with various companies, Wrekin Water Softeners have to be the best I have ever dealt with, so very quick on delivery and so very helpful, simply a pleasure to deal with. Something rarely found today

If or should I say when I am need of a complete new unit I would not hesitate to purchase from this company. I would also highly recommend to any one considering a purchase.

Kindest Regards.
From Tony
" ...

"I first contacted Wrekin water over 2 years ago to enquire about UV lamp parts and installation. Since then, I have always used this company for UV and water purification products.
Paul is very helpful, extremely knowledgable and always prompt with information and delivery. A first class company with excellent staff.
Thankyou all.


Martyn Palmer MWM Soc
" ...
Martin palmer

"We had a salt block type water softener fitted at our house when we moved in but experienced low flow problems in Summer 2015. The supplier informed me the softener couldn’t be repaired, so I put the old unit on bypass and began looking for a replacement.

I had found several potential models and contacted Paul at Wrekin Water softeners to ask for a price on a particular make/model. I’m glad I did actually speak to someone who knows the technology and products because although I’m sure many of the model I had thought would be suitable are actually sold and installed, when we got to the details Paul was able to explain the likely lifetime running costs ( salt, flush water used and likely periodic maintenance required ) for the different models. So the Wrekin Softener I ordered ( ECO ULTRA with 15 litre tank ) was more economical than my original guess of model and is I believe a better device.

So the softener was ordered over the phone and arrived next day, as promised. I re-plumbed the rising main and softener pipework myself and followed the ECO ULTRA installation and commissioning instructions which are clear and straight forward.

So we are thankfully back on softened water again with a well - designed ( & well – installed ! ) robust unit which we are hoping will provide many years of service and many hundreds of tonnes of softened water.

Thank you, Paul.

Tom Treble
(Chartered Mechanical Engineer)
" ...

"To whom it may concern,

I called Wrekin Water Softeners in January to discuss the options available to us. We had sadly found that most plumbers and softener companies know very little about the products available. I spoke to Paul at Wrekin, who carefully took me through the options clearly stating which would work seamlessly in our house. I was impressed with his knowledge and we ordered a Wrekin ECO15. This was delivered next day as promised.

Our plumber installed the softener while we were on holiday. I returned and started to commission it but found a huge leak with a crack in one of the water connectors! On closer inspection it was obvious the plumber had over tightened this plastic unit and cracked it. I sent an email to Wrekin and Paul responded the same day (Sunday) and agreed with my findings. User error on the plumbers part which damaged the unit. Wrekin posted a replacement part free of charge the following morning and we are now enjoying softened water. I work in a service industry and understand that reputations are made or lost on service recovery. To offer such quality care when the customer was clearly at fault should be applauded.

If you are looking for first class customer service from a company that values your business then don't look elsewhere. Top quality water softeners from people who know their product and care. Excellent work Wrekin. Thankyou.

Simon W
" ...
Simon W

"This is just a quick email to say thank you to Paul and all at Wrekin for being so helpful recently.

I have recently moved in to a house that has an Culligan Aquadial water softener. I managed to replace the O ring on the unit to sort out a leak but then couldn't get it to work again until I spoke to Paul who advised that the infrared sensor can get bent out of shape and needs to be bent back; he was absolutely right. I wanted to email to say thank you because it is rare these days to speak to people who are highly knowledgeable and willing to share that around. It would have been all too easy for Paul to try and sell a new sensor cable but he was honest enough to say give it a go bending the sensor back first. Needless to say if I have any issues or need any parts in the future then I will be straight in touch with Wrekin who have shown themselves to be trustworthy, and obviously I will spread the word around. Do you have a Facebook page that I can give you a 'thumbs up'

With Thanks and Kind Regards,
" ...

"Hi Paul.

Just a note to say thanks for all your help over the past years and your a superb service re the new softener. The new softener arrived bang on time on friday, an exelent delivery company.

Fitting and commisioning was very easy and the unit is now up and running. Its a delight to have soft water again and to see my surfaces looking clean and shiny once more.

Again thank you.

Phil berry

Softener Purchased - ECO15ULTRA HC" ...
Phil Berry

"I would just like to say thank you for the excellent service recently provided to me.

I had moved into a Cottage with a natural spring water supply and had no idea what filters were required.

Following an initial telephone conversation, I provided some photographs of the existing filter system (in a pdf format) and following another conversation with you it soon became clear that the existing system needed to be changed.

I was advised of the changes required including filters and UV light. These were all provided very quickly including a fabulous ceramic disc single lever tap that regulates the water flow, extra tubing and a coupler.

Throughout the process, Paul Dutson was always courteous and willing to answer my questions as well as educate me on water filtering systems.

In summary, outstanding service and you have a customer for life.

Many thanks again

Christopher Begley BSc CEng FRAeS
" ...
Chris Begley

"Hello Paul
The Laser water softener you recommended has been in use for 12 months now so I thought I would give you some feedback on how it has performed.
I installed it in the garage in an insulated box so no problems due to freezing, installation was a piece of cake and the 22mm full bore kit was well worthwhile.
Performance has been superb and it really has been a case of fit and forget - in fact it's all to easy to forget to top up the salt!
As far as running costs go, you suggested the Laser as we were having a water meter fitted, we havn't had a bill for the first 12 months yet but it looks like we are on course to meet the estimate from United Utilities which should reduce our bill by over 40% - this is without any attempt to reduce our normal usage so no concerns about the Laser's consumption when regenerating!
The water hardness here is virtually the same as the benchmark figure for London mentioned in the fitting instructions and with just two of us in the house we have only used 5 bags of salt so far which works out at just £1 per week!
We reckon washing powder use is down by over 50% but its not just about the savings, any limescale deposits on taps and fittings has gradually disappeared and of course we no longer have the ongoing battle with limescale in the basins and shower! - I doubt we will have to replace the kettle so often either (they seemed to blow up on a regular basis before!)
So thank you for your excellent advice and service, the laser is a first class product and is great value.

Alan Mates
" ...
Alan Mates

"Dear Paul,

A short testimonial (which you may use)

I found your firm on the web and from the first phone conversation with Paul I knew I was in good hands.

The advice you gave was spot-on and the replacement valve kit upgraded my old MC250 to the latest MC350.
A straightforward job with first rate video tutorials. For less than £200 I now have a reconditioned softener which works 100% with no leaks.
I expect to get another ten years use out of it and now that I understand the practicalities of servicing am confident I can look after it myself.
Considering that the BWT engineer will charge £100 call-out fee before any parts I think I have found a bargain.
You have my custom and recommendation, thanks very much.
" ...
Martin James

"Dear Wrekin team, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your service, quality and delivery. After placing my order on line you rang to say I had chosen incompatible items and suggested alternatives. Then I was given a one hour time slot for delivery which was very convenient. On arrival, I was delighted by the quality of the products. They have now been installed with minimal disruption and giving excellent water quality.
Thank you for making this customer very happy!

" ...

"Dear Wrekin
After just two simple on line purchases of water filters from Wrekin I was extremely impressed with your pricing & speed of service.
Following the failure of our ancient water softener which we inherited with the house I phoned three or four local suppliers who all wanted to sell me either their most popular softener rather than focusing on my actual needs.
At Wrekin you were keen to listen and discuss in detail, what best suited my needs based on current water usage and running costs. I duly purchased the Laser 15.
Within minutes I had an email confirmation with copy of invoice, followed by daily texts to confirm next day delivery with an accurate delivery time which all worked perfectly.
The softener was easily installed by me and within an hour. We now have lovely soft water again with no “bits” in my coffee.
As a company sales director I put a huge focus to my sales team with customer service, honesty and reliability being paramount.
Wrekin have more than lived up to my own exacting standards.

Thank you and best regards

Charlie Jolliffe

Francis Bugler Ltd.
UK Agricultural Machinery Dealer of The Year 2012
" ...
Charles Jolliffe


All done, we enjoyed the resin bed rebuild (helped by an empty soft drinks bottle converted into a funnel!).

Softener is back in service and has done a regen. NO LEAKS!

All the resin went in, it was not up to the brim, but neither was the resin in the old container.

Getting new resin and gravel made the job a lot quicker and much easier than recovering the old resin.

Many thanks for your help and expert advice, and also thanks for the squidge of silicone grease you put in the pack, that was a nice touch.

I found your company via the web, and was impressed by the recommendations you had got from your customers, and I can say that they were not exaggerating in their praise.

My only disappointment is that I will have to wait a few more years before trying one of your new softeners!


Ian Powers

Product: Resin Change for Aquadial Prismertec 1000i" ...
Ian Powers

"Softener in Question - AQUADIAL SOFTLIFE HITEC
"Paul supplied a water softener to me in 2009 and was very helpful. Unfortunately my water softener broke on Friday night so I emailed Paul later that evening. He replied within an hour! He even called me on a Saturday and talked me through the fault and diagnosis. He returned an email on Sunday and sent me a link to order and pay for the part. I buy a lot of equipment on the internet and I must admit that Paul's customer service is absolutely first class, probably the best I have ever received. Brilliant service at a fair price from a man who really knows his business. Thanks"

All the best
" ...
Martin Paver

"As per our telephone conversation we would like to tell you what a huge difference the Phosphate Dosing Scale Inhibitor for our house has made. We live an extremely Hard Water area and have been plagued with lime-scale around all our taps and ball valves, even causing a flood by jamming a ball valve fully open!

Following installation of your Phosphate Dosing Filter we noticed an immediate reduction in filmy deposits on the glass shower screen, less scale formation in the kettle and after a few months the scale on the taps has also reduced considerable and is now almost non-existent.

Many thanks for all your help and advice on helping us choose what was best for us and then for the installation. Excellent service from a small, personal web based company, well done and thanks.

Best regards

Tony Croft

Product- Wrekin 10in PP Dosing system " ...
Tony Croft

"Just a quick note to say I have just tested our water softness a week since replacing our old water softener and we have perfect soft water. This is due to your excellent equipment and the great help you were on the phone in deciding which was the best machine for us, how we were going to fit it in the cupboard and subsequent help with commissioning.

It is so refreshing in this modern world to find someone with abundant knowledge, that wants to supply something that is right for the job and prepared to help all the way through to the finish, not just grab your money and run.

(Wrekin Auto Digital 15L Metered Softener)" ...
Chris Vicary

"Just to say 'thank you' for your excellent service and product. The machine arrived when you said it would, and was commissioned yesterday (I had a lot of plastic plumbing rearrangement to carry out) but straight away the difference between your machine and the Culligan (Waterside) was obvious. I had never lived with a water softener (so to speak) before so I just took the performance of the Culligan as benchmark, after all it was recommended to our CH engineer who did that part of the plumbing.
So it's a five star award to your machine and back-up. Would happily recommend it to anyone else - particularly for this area, as the hard water is a nuisance.

(Wrekin Auto Digtal 15L Metered Softener)" ...
Andrew Bellis

"Dear Paul

I can't thank you enough for your patience and assistance over the last few days. Your instructions and video make it very simple to fit the replacement valve. I appreciate your in depth explanations on the issue of salt chamber water height and am delighted to report that all is now well, we have soft water again and a dry salt bin.

You deliver customer service that is second to none, the like of which I have not enjoyed for a long time.

Thank you again and please be assured of my future business and that of any of my friends and family.

Best regards - Stuart Hodgson
(Waterside MC350)" ...
Stuart Hodgson

" Monday 26th September 2011

Good Afternoon Paul.

After taking your advice I purchased the Wrekin 10ltr water softener to replace my old softener, you stated that it would be delivered the following day. that it was compatible with my old unit and I wouldn’t have to purchase any hoses or additional equipment for fitting, you further stated that a plumber should take no longer than forty minutes to fit the new softener.

I Ordered the new softener on Wednesday 21st September 2011. It arrived on Thursday 22nd September 2011 .The plumber arrived at 3.45pm on Friday 23rd September and removed the old softener and fitted the new one using all the existing hoses and left at 4.20pm ( so you were wrong there it took him 35 minutes)

I called you today regarding the hardness of the water in my area that was causing me a problem, which you solved in under 5 minutes.

Your service is superb.

Kind regards Keith
Bexley Kent
" ...
Keith Samuels

"Just a quick note to say many thanks for your advice about which water softener we should have for our family. With so many options across the whole marketplace, it is great to have someone who can advise over the telephone and give us three strong recommendations. Your installation service was excellent, with everything done with due care, attention and professionalism from start to finish - something that is rare in todays world. I hope you success throughout 2011 and I will gladly refer your products & services to anyone who asks"

Leslie Fearn (Berkshire)
" ...
Leslie Fearn

"Dear Wrekin Water Softeners

Thank you for providing an exceptional service.

Not only were the items supplied at a highly competitive price, well-packaged and delivered on time, but you also answered my several email queries about fitting, promptly and courteously. I will certainly be recommending Wrekin Water Softeners to anyone who'll listen.

All good wishes.

Bath, Somerset.
" ...

"Wrekin Water Non Electric Twin Tank Tablet Salt Model

Many thanks for your excellent service - I walked in to home 20 mins after receiving your despatch email to find the softener and installation kit in our dining room.

Also pleased to report that not only was my first impression that this was to be as simple to install as you implied, but I didn't even need my plumber who had already provided the in and out flow with bypass and drain outlet plumbing. Installation proved almost as simple as connecting a washing machine, aside from having to drill a hole through the wall for the overflow.

The instructions are exceptionally clear and as a result within about an hour (including the hole drilling) we had softened water to our downstairs cloakroom ... proved by a helpfully provided testing kit!

Overall a really positive buying experience. Keep it up!

" ...
Martin Medforth

"Dear Paul, I am writting to thank you for you wonderful service and advice you gave regarding the replacement head on my waterside MC 250, the instructions were perfect (nobody could possibly get it wrong) and the item arrived almost to the minute of when you had said it would. Great service and fantastic value for money. I now have in effect a brand new watersoftener for £169. wil not hesitate to use you again and will certainly recomend you.
Many thanks for making life easy,
Phil Berry.
" ...
Phil Berry

"Hi Paul

I am really struggling to write this email; it is so unusual in this ‘day and age’ to be able to write a positive email to someone – I am not used to it!

I just wish to thank you for your help and advice in sorting out my water softener.

I have fitted the upgrade to my waterside MC250 this evening and your helpful advice, email and video made it a very easy upgrade.

An excellent service and great after sales service.

I wish you great success in your business!

Thanks again


Gerry Frost
" ...
Gerry Frost

"Hi Paul,

Your service & advice is absolutely superb.

I only ordered this yesterday and it arrived today at 1215!!!

Your instructions & tips are great and gave me no problems at all. In all you saved me £250 - the cost of a replacement softener - so I am well pleased and will certainly recommend you to anyone with a softener problem.

I thought this kind of service disappeared for ever at the end of the 1970s but thankfully you have restored my faith in believing that there are still some people out there who understand their products.

I am pretty practical myself but you made my job that much easier.

Thanks again and I wish you continued success.

Warm regards

" ...

"Hi Paul.

Having fitted the replacement head this weekend I just had to drop you a quick line to say a big thank you. Thanks to your excellent instructions and the online video the replacement procedure really couldn’t have been more straightforward. I’ve now got a fabulous “new” water softener and saved myself several hundred pounds which I almost wasted on a call out or replacement softener.

Your service and attention to detail really is exemplary, I’m a big fan and wish you every success with your business. I will of course be recommending you whenever I can.

Best regards

Steve Smith.
" ...
Steve Smith

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the support and advice that you have given me over the last couple of weeks in trying to sort out my problems. It is quite refreshing to find, in this day and age a retailer who is prepared to go the extra mile in support of his customers. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone who asks. Once again many thanks.

Best regards

Tom Dearman
" ...
Tom Dearman

Just a quick message to thank you for the excellent service I have received from you,I am very pleased with the Softener, and am amazed at how much my old machine was wasting. its nice to able to find someone who will give imformative and honest advise on a new machine.
Thanks again Bob Stone.
" ...
Bob Stone

"On Sunday 01 March 2009 I ordered a Culligan DW100F replacement cartridge. It was delivered on Tuesday 03 March. Therefore, I wish to commend your company for the prompt service and would recommend your products and service to others.

Thank you.

John BRACE" ...
John Brace

"Dear Paul

The package arrived this morning so very many thanks for such prompt and efficient service it really is appreciated in this day and age.

I have fitted the valve assembly and the now very much upgraded water softner is presently going through its regeneration program.

Best wishes

Martin Powell
" ...
Martin Powell


Many thanks for your excellent advice on the phone, delivery & service.

I would certainly recommend your company to anyone.

" ...

"Thanks very much for being so helpful when I was trying to decide on the best Drinking Water System to purchase. Your website is very easy to navigate and all the information I needed was shown clearly. Overall great service and a great website!" ... Simon Morgan
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